Radio1Every man and his dog has a bloody podcast nowadays so where on earth do you begin picking the right one? Well, if all you can think of is punchlines, set-ups and call backs then Tea and Toast has compiled an extremely niche list of podcasts which focus predominantly on comedians being interviewed (and maybe the odd dirty actor) which may be just perfect for you. Nevermind actually being entertained, it’s all about learning the process and methodology, right guys? Right?! The mind of a comedian is stuff of legend and is typically a dark and depressive cavern which prefers solitude and the comfort of alcohol but this list enlightens us a bit more, giving us hope that comedian can actually, without the eyes of an adoring audience, be fairly interesting on their own. Who’da thunk it.

WARNING: These podcasts are for people of the extreme geek variety.

So, here it is (and click on the links to subscribe to the series)…

9/ Chris Martin and Carl Donnelly

It’s a bit on the laddy side and not always particularly prepared, but Martin and Donnelly make the most out of their obvious enthusiasm for comedy and have a natural knack for casual chat and, yes i’m going to say it, banter. They don’t quite know what they’re doing and the podcast is all the better for it.

8/ Peacock & GamblePeacock-Gamble-l

Peacock and Gamble are a permanent fixture within the Fringe podcast scene as comedians flock from far and wide (New Town) to take part. Although it lacks a bit of energy, comedians clearly like them and they obviously enjoy what they do and such lo-fi ease pays off.

7/ Marsha Meets

This podcast is sadly no more, however, there is a lot still to mine from Marsha’s chronological interviews with people like Tim Key, Stewart Lee and Alex Horne. These chats are often fascinating, well informed and avoid the trap of infuriating in-jokes or cliquey chat perfectly.

6/ Never Not Funny

Jimmy Pardo shoots the breeze with American comedians such as John Mulany and Conan O’Brian, amongst a trillion others. There’s no real point to  proceedings and there definitely isn’t a structure, but there’s nothing wring with discussions often finding their way to glorious dead-ends. Pardo is a tad OTT and the guests aren’t always well-know in the UK, but it’s well worth a listen as it can go any direction.

imgres5/ WTF with Marc Maron

Marc Maron is a bit grumpy, sweary, angry, and generally just annoyed at the world. His house, then, doesn’t seem like the greatest environment for a comedian to enter but it’s what makes WTF completely different. He doesn’t give a shit about pleasing the people or answering #questions, he wants to entertain himself and we should all shut the fuck up and let him because it’s brilliant, in-depth, revealing, funny and personal.

4/ Comedy Bang Bang – The Podcast

Comedy Bang Bang is a bit off its tits. It accompanies the American TV show of the same name which is left-field and surreal. The podcast is similarly a bit weird but by god it’s funny. If you are an Americanphile (sp?) then you’ll appreciate a list of guests which include Reggie Watts, Ben Schwartz, Seth Rogan, Adam Scott, Bill Hader, Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler. You can effectively lose months of your lives wading your way through this lot, and there are certainly worse ways to waste your life.

3/ Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast2013-Richard-herring-big

Richard Herring is, perhaps, an acquired taste, but whether you like his act or not, his podcasts are compelling. Making the headlines earlier this year with Stephen Fry’s revelation of a recent suicide attempt only goes to highlight that Herring is an unlikely trailblazer regarding the potential podcasts have. He may not have the cuddly charm or tact of Parky, but he thrives off the pressure of a live audience and has an impressive canon stuffed under his belt already. He’s a little bitter, quite a lot twisted, and has the respect of everyone he talks to, which goes a long way.


2/ Nerdist

It’s unfortunate that most people in the UK don’t know who Chris Hardwick is. First and foremost, he makes a living out of being a professional nerd. Secondly, he runs a ruddy good podcast. From Tom Hanks to Steve Carrell, Dave Ghrol to Judd Apatow, the list of participants is borderline ridiculous. It’s fun and stupid, with a healthy dose fangirling thrown in for good measure. They know their stuff and they can’t wait to tell you. Joyous.

1/ The Comedian’s Comedian

Led by the stand-up Stuart Goldsmith, this has much more of a British focus. The show is a meticulous dissection of each performer’s method and approach to comedy. By asking the questions that don’t normally get asked, Goldsmith gets to the nitty gritty; From Pappy’s discussing a tricky break up with their fourth member to Dr Brown’s raw discussion of Clown Vs. Comedian. He wants to know everything from the very first notion of an idea to the final gig of a tour and it’s fascinating to hear, particularly from comedians who don’t always get such exposure. This is not just for true comic aficionados, it’s for anyone who has ever laughed at something because to find out what goes on behind that is a brilliant insight we should all gain.

Words by Hannah Clapham-Clark