As September approaches, the rumour mills are once again churning with whispers about the return Saturday Night Live. This year saw a huge cull in SNL’s top performers, including Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen, causing the typical “it’s going downhill” remarks to feed their way through the interwebesphere. But hold your horses oh critical ones. Lorne Michaels is still the God of all things funny and has reportedly signed up some new kids new kids who’ll do just nicely.

First up is SNL writer Michael Patrick O’Brien, the first to make the transition to from writing room to screen since Sudeikis. He’s most known for his perfect web series 7 Minutes in Heaven, which consists of weird micro-sketches and very awkward kisses with people such as Jon Hamm, Seth Meyers, Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff bloody Goldblum.

He also wrote Seth MacFarlane’s Puppet Class sketch which has established itself as one of SNL’s recent masterpieces. With his gawky charm and unconventional charisma, O’Brien maybe an early contender for the coveted Weekend Update slot in February.

Second is Noël Wells. A member of Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Wells also has nearly 11 million hits on her Youtube channel which include which includes a spot of Zooey Deschanel piss take. Sadly, she’s the one new lady member this year, but with Kate McKinnon looking set to dominate the show, it’s all good.

Not to objectify men or anything, but the show always needs some geek totty to keep our eyes happy and Kyle Mooney fits the bill. He also happens to be super-duper funny. A keen contributor to Funny or Die, he’s also had a spot on Parks and Recreation and even has Louis CK as a fan.

He’s also part of the cult sketch group Good Neighbors, alongside another new recruit, Beck Bennett. Known by most in America as “that guy from the phone advert”, he also has more official credentials including his own web series Fresh Perspectives in which he interviews children about cutting edge current events.

And last is John Milhiser. He’s a member of the New York based sketch group Serious Lunch who have been featured on both Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien’s late night shows. He’s also a well known face of UCB and runs the brilliantly ridiculous Baguette-Me-Nots tumblr.

All performers are yet to be confirmed by NBC.

Words by Hannah Clapham-Clark