It seems Andy Zaltzman is omnipresent. Even before he steps on to the stage, we are privy to his pre-show rituals and announcements which set the… Continue reading

Radio Roundup

It has been a rocky few weeks for the old wireless. The ‘saviour’ of Radio 1 left his throne to sing about the Bible as a quiffed Northerner slid in to take over,… Continue reading


Lilyhammer **** Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt) is a thoroughly New Yoik mobster. There is a shooting in his bar. He snitches information to the FBI, and in return is granted… Continue reading

Autumn TV

The summer of dancing horses and Mobots may have come to an end but do not fear, television is back to its brilliant best this autumn with shows that might even make you… Continue reading


It may not be groundbreaking, but in theory A Mother’s Son pursues an interesting concept. A couple still under the heady spell of marital bliss, yet having to cope with the tricky adjustments… Continue reading


Since announcing the return of The Thick of It earlier this year, there has been much speculation about how the show would deal with the shift in government; Will they get along? How… Continue reading

FRINGE: James Acaster

  James Acaster is not a typical comedian. Thank God. He is a bit gangly, quite awkward, very lo-fi and has a whisp of the Jarvis Cocker about him. His material is drawn… Continue reading

FRINGE: Doctor Brown

Peeping his head through the curtain, stealing handbags, nabbing a few coats, chasing people kicking people and the odd wink are all things that happen within the first five minutes of the show.… Continue reading

FRINGE: Joe Lycett

It is bizarre to think that Joe Lycett it only 24 years old as his show, Some Lycett Hot, is one of the most self-assured and confident I saw this year, particularly as this… Continue reading

FRINGE: Billy the Mime

Equal parts creepy and funny, Billy the Mime, not-so-carefully treads the line of decency in a show which explores the death of Princess Diana, the haunting effects of AIDs as well as the… Continue reading